Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy  What is Fascia?  To gain complete flexibility and freedom of movement, it’s important that you not only stretch out the muscle, but also the fascia that surrounds the muscle and associated tissues. Fascia is a traditional medical term that usually applies only to certain sheets of fabric within the body. Fascia is […]


If you are paying a membership fee at a gym that offers you no motivation and little in the way of results, you are not alone.

It is time to get off of the membership treadmill. At Midwest Fitness & Sports Performance, you will receive expert training on the best equipment, all without the burden of a membership fee.


Owner Dan Wiktorek holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise & Sport Science as well as 25 years of strength training experience, including over 14 years as a strength coach and personal trainer. Dan has been instructed and mentored by many highly successful strength coaches, including Charles Poliquin.


Midwest Fitness & Sports Performance has considerable success training varied clients, including Ms. America and Ms. USA competitors, and athletes who have both placed and have won at the National Championships, that have been nationally and world-ranked, and those who have earned full college athletic scholarship and have gone on to play sports for professional teams.

QUALITY EQUIPMENT. Midwest Fitness is the only training facility in Wisconsin completely outfitted with Atlantis strength equipment. Clients who have trained on Atlantis can easily attest to the fact that it is incomparable in both comfort and quality. Midwest is also proudly equipped with Watson Strength Equipment, Iron Grip, and Eleiko Barbell.